We look out for the extraordinary. We want people who do things differently and have something important to say or do. Every member is taken through a personalized program of development supported by Grammy Award winning artists, founders of groundbreaking tech companies, and pioneers in culture & the arts. We encourage members to tear down culture & technology barriers in music and break every old-school rule ever written. Our goal is to nurture the next generation of cultural leaders by not letting the pressures of the ‘old ways’ dictate their future.

Here’s how it works.

First and foremost, The Rattle is a community. Every member supports one another to becoming remarkable at what they do. In the first three months of membership, we carefully design a program of support to help each new member become part of the community and speed up their path to success. Members also gain use of state of the art music studios, studio engineers, producer support, maker spaces, co-working spaces, industry workshops, community dinners, private events, and one-on-one coaching. We are supported by amazing organizations and mentors from…

Month 1 :

The first month of your membership is dedicated to developing an amazing network of mentors, industry champions, and potential partners specific to your career or startup.

Month 2 :

The second month is dedicated to building your core skills in either music making, culture creating, or startup building with our in-house Entrepreneurs and Artists in residence.

Month 3 :

The third month is dedicated to creating a long-term plan to help you thrive under your own steam. Whether that’s how to build an audience, find funding, get customers, or make a cultural statement to the world.

Month 4 and beyond…
From here, you ‘graduate’ and become a lifetime member of The Rattle community. Our mentors and partners are there to continue to be part of your journey for as long as you stay with us, and you may continue to stay and develop your career or startup with us for as long as you wish.

Take a quick look inside The Rattle and meet some of the mentors.

Thinking of joining The Rattle?

Just in case you’re still a little bamboozled, we're not a college, traditional music studio, accelerator, or whatever else you may be used to. We're also not a members club - which means we don't charge extra to use a studio, come to an event, or have a coffee. The Rattle is a totally new concept in the world of music. We are a community with a base in East London & Los Angeles all about grassroots change. We nurture and develop you as a professional. We coach, develop, and help you create better work. We don't touch copyright or equity, we simply want to be the catalyst for a more creative, independent, and fair music movement, that embraces technology the right way.

There is no fixed term, no joining fee, and you can cancel your membership at any time. And if you don't like it within your first month, we'll give you a complete refund. Coz we’re nice like that.

where is the rattle?

The Rattle @ Tobacco Dock
Wapping Lane

5 mins walk from Wapping Overground
7 mins walk from Shadwell DLR
20 minutes to Dalston, Shoreditch, Peckham & Deptford. 40 minutes to Brixton & Camden.